Music from Finnish forest machines?

Friday 8 Dec 2017

To celebrate Finland's 100 years of independence and Finnish work, the world will now hear Finlandia, the symphonic poem composed by Jean Sibelius, being performed by forest machines. The new arrangement of the piece, called Finlandia by Forest Machines - a Tribute to Finnish Work, comes straight from the deep woods of Savonia in Finland.

"Together with our customer Ponsse, we wanted to record Finlandia with forest machines as a gift to Finland on its independence day. The Tribute is also part of our campaign to support Finnish work in a concrete way. Within the campaign, we will donate fuel for job seekers to help them get to interviews and to take on short-term jobs. This is even more important now as the legislation in Finland requires that job seekers have to accept work as far as 80 kilometers from their home," says Vice President of Marketing for Marketing & Services at Neste.

The campaign will run until the end of the year. The sum to be donated will increase each time when someone watches the video, up to EUR 20,000. The Finnish National Organization of the Unemployed, Työttömien keskusjärjestö ry, has joined the campaign as an official partner, and the donation will be made together with the organization in January 2018.

"It is a pleasure to be part of Neste's campaign for increasing the appreciation of Finnish work and to support employment. New jobs and regional well-being benefits everyone in Finland. The campaign puts emphasis on the appreciation of work which is one of our basic values. The location of Neste's video shoot for the campaign was our home municipality Vieremä in Finland," says Juha Vidgrén, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ponsse Oy.

Partners in video production include the social media agency Kurio, the No-Office production company, and the communications agency Miltton. More than 300 video clips and nearly 1,000 audio clips were used, originating from three forest machines lubricated by Neste and fueled by Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The video was starred by professionals of the forest machinery Marko Karhu (forester), Anne Räihä (driver), Hannu Liikanen (driver), Tarmo Juntunen (driver) ja Janne Oldenburg (sound recordings).

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