Myrtle rust reporter launched in NZ

Friday 8 Dec 2017

Late last week a new app ‘Myrtle Rust Reporter’ was released in the Apple and Google Play stores. It has been developed by the Northland Regional Council, Scion, Envirolink, Te Tira Whakam?taki (Maori Biosecurity Network), the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge, and MPI.

It represents a major effort on the part of the BioH Challenge to help MPI with their 4.7 million biosecurity citizens initiative under Biosecurity 2025, and provides a fun but useful way for citizens to get engaged in important science observations.

Myrtle rust currently is a major threat to a number of New Zealand’s native species (as it is for Australian species – see story this week), including pohutukawa, ramarama, northern and southern rata and manuka, as well as important plants in the horticulture sector, such as feijoa.

This app works with NatureWatchNZ. You can find out more information on the NatureWatchNZ site, which also has links to the Apple and Google Play stores. Further details can be found on

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