Excellence in safety celebrated at inaugural safety awards

Friday 17 Nov 2017

Harvesting contractor Moreland Holdings was a popular winner at the OneFortyOne Plantations inaugural safety awards taking out a major award for “Group or Company of the Year” for their outstanding commitment to workplace health and safety.

Morelands was recognised for their work in improving the safe carting of logs in the Green Triangle. They were the first company in the region to introduce webbing straps, reducing the potential for shoulder and upper body injuries. Furthermore, over the past 20 years they have been actively working with log trailer manufacturers to improve trailer stability, reducing the number of rollovers regionally and nationally.

Harvestco’s Rick Murphy also received a major award for “Safety Leader of the Year”, for his unwavering commitment to improving safety. Rick’s dedication to both strategic and operational safety has seen Harvestco become the first forest industry supply chain company to reach internationally recognised certification for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (AS/NZ4801).

Celebrity MC Sam Kekovitch hosted the night with nearly 200 people in attendance to applaud their efforts and the others who were honoured for their work in improving safety in the local forestry industry.

Congratulating all the nominees OFO’s Chief Executive Officer, Linda Sewell paid tribute to their achievements, and encouraged the regional industry to collaborate moving forward. “We had a vision to improve safety in our forests, and thanks to the hard work and innovation from our people and contractor partners we are getting there. I hope the wider local industry can build on tonight’s success. Although OFO has held the first awards night, I look forward to sitting at a bigger event next year celebrating excellence across the regional timber industry”.

Videos of the major award finalists can be found at www.onefortyone.com.

Photo: Craig Thompson (Harvestco) accepted Major Award: Safety Leader on behalf of Rick Murphy and Linda Sewell, CEO OneFortyOne Plantations, Photo courtesy of OneFortyOne.
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