Strength and stiffness assessments to improve lumber grading

Some recent research has just been completed which was designed to provide the Australian structural Radiata pine processing industry with some indications for improving stress grading methods and/or technologies. The aim was to give an increase in structural grade yields, and significantly reduce processing costs without compromising product quality.

To achieve this, advanced statistical techniques were used in conjunction with state-of-the-art property measurement systems applied to the same sample of sawn timber. Acoustic vibration analyses were conducted on green and dry boards. Raw data from existing in-line systems was captured on the same boards. The Metriguard HCLT stress rating system was used as the “reference” machine grading because of its current common use in the industry. A WoodEye® optical scanning system and an X-ray LHG scanner were also able to provide relevant information on knots.

Reductions in non-structural dry volumes can be achieved from this research. Details and the full report can be viewed here.

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